• Formed in September of 2002
  • First beta product for pilots in February 2003
  • Crew Companion was born in October 2007
  • Flight Attendants join our new "crew" in 2008
  • Crew Companion Lite/Mobile joined family in 2008
  • Birth of Skedflex as UAL Shift Trading System in 2009
  • Skedflex implemented for ConocoPhillips Alaska in 2011
  • eTripTrader, Inc wins Small Business of the Year award from the Boise metro Chamber of Commerce in 2012
  • Skedflex family grows with PenAir in 2012
  • Skedflex family booms with Era Alaska and Empire Airlines in 2014
  • United signs contract purchasing Crew Companion for all it's pilots
  • Skedflex family continues growth with Xtra Airways and Sky King Airlines in 2015


All great things begin with vision, commitment and dedication. Tom LaJoie employed all three of these valuable qualities to develop a way to devote more time to what is most important to him - his family. His experience of over 25 years in aviation, leadership, crew planning and scheduling as a United Airlines pilot and a US Air Force pilot, came together with his passion for his family and helped create one of the best tools to better the quality of life for thousands of people. Having the first hand experience of what the "crew" goes through, Tom dedicated over a decade to sharing his knowledge and tirelessly improving quality of life for pilots and flight attendants. Now this infectious desire is spreading to ground based airline employees as well as other retailers and their scheduling needs. And as they say 'the rest is history'.

Tom says two of the most valuable rewards to him are time with his family and the satisfaction of improving the lives of his customers. “I really cherish my time with my family first. All crewmembers know how precious that 'home time' can be. I also get a lot of personal satisfaction when pilots tell us how much of a difference Crew Companion has made to their quality of life. It's nice to be appreciated for your work and our whole team loves hearing their stories of success.”